Experience and market access.

Gardner Business Media (GBM) and Trade Show Consulting (TSC).

Distinguished organizers of Technology and Manufacturing events, join forces to produce a world-class event in Mexico.

Gardner Business Media (GBM)


Gardner Business Media (GBM) is among the most important publishers in North America’s manufacturing industry, providing unique and relevant information of great interest to the people who run the plants, machine shops and factories of the metalworking and many other sectors.

Modern Machine Shop Mexico is a technical publication with six years of presence reporting technological news and best practices for the metalworking sector in Mexico. Modern Machine Shop México is published by Gardner Business Media.

MMS Mexico gives your company essential access to an increasingly empowered manufacturing audience in Mexico.

MMS México provides unprecedented editorial content, reaching manufacturing plants along with decades of experience to offer articles of large format, insightful and impressive.

Trade Show Consulting (TSC)


Leader company in the Events and Exhibitions Industry in Mexico, with 26 years of experience, founder partners with more than 30 years of experience in the industry in the USA as well as in Mexico. 


Specialized in launching new events in the USA as well as in Latin America. Investigating trends, markets and the attendee's interests to identify potential programs and attract buyers and sellers in a neutral forum. 


Proudly launched different industrial shows in Mexico. since 1992.



Currently it is the instrument most used by buyers of industries and maquiladoras throughout the country to locate supplier companies in Mexico. In CAPIM, large industries find suppliers that offer 71,960 productive processes of products and services.


CAPIM is an effort recognized and promoted by the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of the United Mexican States CONCAMIN, the Mexican Association of Private Industrial Parks AC AMPIP, the National Autoparts Industry INA, the Mexican Association of Mold and Die Manufacturing AMMMT, the Mexican Association of Contractors, AMCPSI Industry and Service Providers, other business organizations and large companies throughout Mexico.


At CAPIM we seek to accelerate suppliers in Mexico to increase their sales through an effective business linkage with buyers from the industry throughout the country.


Effective Business Linkage.

The continuous mapping of productive capacities has allowed us to link businesses above 12,280 million dollars in 2018, and in 2019 the figure has risen to more than 14,537 million dollars.





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